Online or In-Class Bartending Course, Which is Better?

Skeptics believe bartending to be a little job which doesn’t require any skill set. What they do not know is that bartending has more to it than just mixing drinks. It is a tricky line of work, for instance, if you serve a drink to a minor it may create legal obstacles for you. In addition to that, bartending requires social skills. Not everyone who enters a bar is friendly and even if they are drinking in excess eventually lowers people’s inhibition, and makes them aggressive. However, if a good bartender is running the bar, he knows when a customer has had enough.

Hence, bartending training is necessary if you are passionate about making a career in this field. However, folks get confused choosing between in-class courses or online classes. Well, worry no more, read this article to solve this dilemma.

Online or In-Class Bartending Course, Which is Better?

Which one is better, online courses or in-class courses?

Some individuals love the collaborative learning of classrooms while others who find in-class learning intimidating. For the latter category, bartending might not be the career for you as a bartender interacts with several people a day, even the drunk ones. On the other hand, if you prefer taking online classes because of your busy routine think again. While online classes allow you to learn the material at your pace, it deprives you of numerous things the bartending business requires.

In-class courses are better than the online ones because they allow you to study in a constructive environment. You get motivated when you see others are learning same things as you. Individuals get competitive in in-class courses, and it boosts their learning. Moreover, visual and auditory cues are significant for the students to learn better; in-class courses give you that. Besides, cramming everything from pdf files gets annoying after a time, but if you have a face-to-face interaction with the instructors, you will grasp things quickly.

To top it off, mixing drinks and making cocktails is only fun when it is happening in front of your eyes. While taking online classes, you would be at a disadvantage because of the lack of visual cues. In bartending training schools, the instructors are experienced bartenders, and as a professional, they give the students insider tips here and there during the classes. Some of the knowledge is spontaneous. Nonetheless, you cannot learn this stuff if you study online.

Our verdict:

When it comes to bartending, in-class courses are the ideal choice. You will get the necessary experience while learning in a creative and vibrant environment.

The best bartending school in Miami:

Everyone is familiar with the nightlife of Miami, those who live there and even those who do not. This city is the life of the party with its multiple bars and clubs. Therefore, if you dream of becoming a bartender in Miami then check out the 786 Bartend. It is the most authentic of all the bartender schools in Miami. This school polishes the student’s bartending abilities and teaches them the ropes of bartending in the fast-moving southeast US city. Miami’s 786 Bartend, established by the master of mixology Isaac Ergas, came into being in 2008. This school has a license by the Florida Department of Education.

786 Bartend offers a forty-hour licensed ‘Ultimate Bartending Course’ for just $495. The course teaches its students the following things:

  • All the essential bartending instructions via comprehensive training schedule
  • Basic bar management
  • Wine seminars
  • Prepping garnishes
  • Pouring measurements
  • Mixology
  • Juice preparations
  • Alcohol awareness
  • Customer service

It is taught over a period of two weeks which can be accelerated to one week if you want. If the student wants a ServSafe Alcohol Certification, he/she will have to pay the extra $30. Other than that, there are no add-on fees for manual and supplies. You will get everything for your money’s worth. Moreover, the school offers fun workshops for making cocktails and the Flair Bartending Course. So head over to, if you are interested in bartending training.

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