Keeping the Politics out of Business

You have worked hard to get your online business degree and now you are hoping to start your own company. However, one area of business ownership makes you a bit apprehensive. And that’s the tendency for politics to infiltrate the conversation at the water cooler and elsewhere. So, you are probably concerned about keeping the politics out of business. Not to worry, we’ve got some great suggestions for you.

Although it might be tempting to discuss the things that the nonpartisan organization, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, is doing, it is better to keep that out of the office. Sure, national security and foreign policy are hot topics and will probably generate some entertaining and perhaps even heated conversations. But, these are things best left for a night out with the friends. So, here are some tips for helping your business stay politics free:

Keeping the Politics out of Business

No Political Signage

While it might be tempting, especially in situations in which you own your own business, to post your political stance, this is highly frowned upon. You could alienate potential customers, clients, and even employees. It doesn’t take a verbal discussion to dissuade people from doing business with you. All you need is a card or bumper sticker that represents a controversial position and you’ll soon be feeling the backlash. However, if you have moral views that you are unwilling to compromise on we would never suggest that you back down from those convictions either. We are simply discussing politics.

Monitor the TV Station

If you allow for a TV in the office, or the waiting room, be very conscientious about what’s on the station. It is easy for politics to invade via news stations and regular updates. Many news stations are considered biased by the majority. Therefore, allowing those stations to play for your customers could cause some serious ramifications if they don’t come from the same position you do. If it looks like something political is about to come on, it is probably in your best interest to change the channel. Read this.

Stay Neutral in Conversations

Unfortunately, even the most innocent seeming topic can turn controversial. Sadly, the political landscape has become so expansive that it’s hard to talk about the cost of tea in China without there being a barrage of opinions about how China has taken over the country and bought out large portions of the nation. You can’t talk about so many things. This is why it is important that you stick to simple things like sunsets and weather. That way, unless you’re talking to a conspiracy theorist, the conversation should be pretty safe.

Pick Your Advertising Carefully

When it comes to advertising on the mainstream media you might find that people think you have chosen one that they believe plays partisan favorites. Therefore, pick TV stations and radio shows that are widely respected and don’t have a tendency to back any one candidate over the other. Plus, it’s a good idea to stick with print media in those situations too. Learn more.

Keep the Peace

If you have employees, suggest that they remain neutral and non-political in all their interactions with one another and your customers. You want your employees to feel safe at work and not ostracized for their personal political views. This will make everything run a lot smoother. But if you don’t believe us, you can feel free to read more here.

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