A Few Crazy Cockroach Facts for Your Studies

Learning something new is always good for you.  Learning is good for teaching your brain to process and remember information and learning gives you good advice for your life.  If you have a pending book report then you should definitely write about cockroaches.  You will quickly find that these creatures are much more than just gross and tough.  They are just about immortal.  Here are some crazy cockroach facts for your assignments or for your personal knowledge so you will know how to deal with a cockroach infestation.

All cockroaches are not alike

There are more than 4 000 species of cockroach and most of these species are no threat to you.  They aren’t pests and they do not harm your belongings or enter your home.  In fact, only 30 of the cockroach species are pests.

They can survive on anything… and with nothing

A cockroach can go for long periods of time without any food at all.  Some species can survive up to 6 weeks with absolutely nothing to eat.  They can also hold their breath for up to 40 minutes and can live for up to a week without a head. When they get hungry they can eat anything.  And I mean anything.  Even stuff that is not food, like hair, grease, soap, wallpaper paste, leathers… anything.   Their ability to consume anything is one of the biggest reasons why we struggle so much with infestations and it is also why it is so hard to get rid of cockroaches.

A Few Crazy Cockroach Facts for Your Studies

They are ultimate soldiers

They don’t do much in the form of attacking but they can certainly survive anything their enemies toss their way.  These tiny creatures can actually survive a nuclear explosion due to their ability to tolerate radiation.  They are also incredibly fast and can go up to 3 miles per hour.

They have been around for a long time!

Cockroaches are one of the few species still alive that walked alongside the dinosaurs.  Cockroaches have been around since more than 350 million years ago which is no surprise if you consider how long they can survive without any food and what they can eat.

They like small spaces

Cockroaches don’t just choose small spaces for survival purposes.  They love the compact, dark spaces because they like to feel something against their bodies.  They will always choose the tiniest areas to snuggle into or to nest.

They have crazy reproductive systems

The female only has to mate once and still reproduce the next breeding season.  They lay their eggs in a capsule that can contain as many as 40 eggs and it only takes 120 days for them to grow from egg to adult.

Here is how to deal with roaches effectively

By now you have a good idea of just how tough these tiny creatures can be which also gives you a good idea of why home pesticides are so ineffective.  If you have a cockroach problem on your hands then you should seek professional assistance.  Never Pest is a terrific extermination company that can get your home or dorm fumigated.  Their pesticides have been specially formulated to exterminate cockroaches and the fumigation process will keep cockroaches away for quite some time.

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